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Greg Adams
I don't like to use cracked software but when I check those expensive software companies I only see how greedy for money they are. The licensed software coast over $3,000? Who wants to pay for those especially individuals who just want to learn how to use it and hoping to get hired by a company that uses licensed software. Why these companies willing to provide their none commercial software and who want to gain skills using specific software free of charge? It only brings company benefits than disadvantages. Or reduce price like under $500 for unlimited use of none commercial license. Why people try to use cracked version while they can afford to pay for it? The company like AutoCAD and adobe photoshop, they really don't get hurt by individual using cracked software because It is just another copy. Let's say if you developed software and it coast $10,000. and you copied 1 million of them and would you care one or 10 copied one lost? All you have to do is duplicate it again. Therefore, the company doesn't get any disadvantage but only benefits from it. My final thought is that we shouldn't try to learn AutoCAD or photoshop kind of software and looking for a carrier. 90% of these kinds of job is very boring and didn't pay much. You will end up live poor your whole life. Do you think architectural AutoCAD operator makes good money? Do you think becoming a graphic designer makes good money and becomes rich? You guys better are more creative than that. As long as you are stuck with this kind of software and looking for your carrier, you will never ever be rich except slave to the company doing same kind of job from 9 to 5pm. How sad life can be. And you pay $3,000 license for using software for that? Give me a break.
Comment from : Greg Adams

Helio Queiroz
Only $1,105.00 monthly for the Autodesk Alias Surface. That is crazy!
Comment from : Helio Queiroz

Justin Bitcoin
I use genuine and I'm experiencing a lot of failure !
Comment from : Justin Bitcoin

I tend to use the cracked versions because my college major requires it, but the college doesn't provide it for us. So i have them for my personal computers. Don't really see how they expect college students to pay for the software let alone the burden of college tuition.
Comment from : Tori

David Prock
I’m sorry but I’m using a dodgy copy, but with I’m going to make will put an end to the value of Money, so it really doesn’t matter, by making electricity move in a very special way, a physical path, unique shape, you will have unlimited free energy, it’s not over unity, once started it acts as a collector, and the energy it’s collecting is not a byproduct of man kinds doings, so yeah, free energy. Will put an end to any type of job in the energy field, an end to oil and gas, etc, the government will make it illegal to use, this action will wake people up to the f up ways of the government, riots will accrue, the gov will have a good chance of falling, just 3D print what I’m designing, fill four chambers with a conducive liquid and that is all needed to change the world, no money will be involved, spreading for free on a massive scale over night, no way to redact this once unleashed,
I don’t have much free time to my self, slow learning process, anyone care to help, and spread the knowledge for free

Comment from : David Prock

For what its worth, a friend of mine pirated Adobe software frequently in order to learn the suite and pursuit a hobby. 10 years on, they now own and manage a media company that from my estimate must have at least 30 licences. Would he have got to that position if he hadn't pirated? who knows... but the fact is he's there now. I know for a fact they couldn't have afforded anything back in the day. I'm sure professional software companies understand this to some extent and I also think it might be part of the reason that in my experience, professional software has never been that difficult to pirate.
Comment from : L4RRY

My genuine copy of AutoCAD didn't stop working when i graduated.
even one year after i left school my account was still in order and i downloaded 2018 .

So, i run no pirated autodesk software.

Comment from : mrc4nl

Autodesk is doing this because it is losing vast amounts of money. In the 4th Q, on revenues of $2B, they lost $550M. Think about that, for every $4 they take in, they spend $5. They have been bleeding cash in the past year at the same rate. Autodesk has tried to bring users of old versions of their software, current, but the last promo brought in the 25,500 new subscriptions (from the older subscriptions). According to the Autodesk Annual Report, they have 3.5M seats using the current subscription model, 4.5M seats who use versions older than 7 years old, and 12M seats that are illegal. I know Autodesk is sitting on a huge pile of cash, however, they can't afford to bleed $500+M a quarter for very much longer....In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they raised prices soon.
Comment from : mustardymayo

I have a hate hate relationship with Autodesk. I use Civil 3d 2018 and have been using (and buying) their software since R13. Essentially, the price of the software is unchanged, either with the subscription or buying a copy every 3 or so years. The end price for 3 years of Civil 3d works out to be $6300, which is within 10% of the price it was before the subscription model. My issue isn't the subscription model, it is the yearly 'update' Autodesk has been forcing on its customers. Frequently adding new 'features' that are buggy, not utilizing all the cores/threads of a cpu (1-2 threads max in 2017??? wtf?). I would be happier with 1 thoroughly tested update every 3 years.
Comment from : mustardymayo

James Linehan
Versions of the programs
Comment from : James Linehan

ihsan surahman
want to try learning VBA at autodesk Inventor.

watch this video:

Comment from : ihsan surahman

Well Autodesk has "graped" themselves by going subscription only, no serious engineering firm is going to let their IP be held hostage by a subscription service which could easily be hiked up in price or discontinued.
Comment from : ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ

The way Autodesk handles licenses today could be a lot better.
It happens way to often that you get booted from the software for various reasons. When you are working on something big it can be really annoying to have to restart.

Comment from : MrTigerpirro

I tell you that the only reason i use genuine software is because is free for student (for my hobbies of 3d printing) and at work my company provides it for us.

If i was to earn entry/average wages and be expected to pay for it, i would be pirating the shit out of it! Vaul pro, inventor pro, autocad all adds up to maybe £2-3k per year. And unlike before you can’t buy it out right once, then pay for maintenance contract to keep it up to date.

Comment from : Empty

خربشات طفولية
Comment from : خربشات طفولية

You are babbling, Autodesk, no matter how big or small the company they code designing software and if they were into data and system protection and licensing then they would come up whit different kind of licensing methods. Their jobs are not to develop better and more secure software licensing methods. For their own software they use is one of the world standard software licensing method, they did not invented/patent it, they pay to use that method. This is what an engineer is today, he is not an inventor he is only a stupid assembler which thinks of himself an inventor for assembling some parts together, you thinnk everything that is a standard can be used anywhere you can find to fit it in. That is called cheap improvisation for you do not know the domain and what you should truly assemble there, its like using black screws instead of yellow.
Comment from : AB J

I remember Autodesk coming down hard on a coworker of mine in the 80's or 90's for using bootleg copies of AutoCAD that he and his wife were moonlighting with from their home. I think they gave him the choice of going to court or paying full freight for the number of copies they bootlegged from the company we worked for.

I have a hunch that this latest anti-piracy thing Arsedick (Autodesk) is rolling out will be half baked like so many things they create are any more, which means legitimate license holders will probably be inconvenienced at best, hosed at worst. I hope I'm wrong.

Comment from : mjncad

Lumen Ate
$125/month for one program damn straight i use a cracked copy of Maya 2015
Comment from : Lumen Ate

Lawrence D’Oliveiro
0:55 I love the way the vendors have succeeded in conflating the concepts of “counterfeiting” and “piracy”. As though the functionality of the pirated software is somehow not “genuine” ...
Comment from : Lawrence D’Oliveiro

AlucardPawpad ClownWorld
Personally I use the pirated version because they ask too much money for too little software functionality. Too crashy, too bad, too slow.

Also I only play with it. I'f pay them if they provide actual customer support... And if they have a more customer friendly attitude.

Comment from : AlucardPawpad ClownWorld

Ray Davis
BricsCAD, IronCAD etc.
Comment from : Ray Davis

tanmay panadi
what are the ways we student who are learning engineering and want to learn and use autodesk products but can't pay but will buy when we start working in a professional environment
Comment from : tanmay panadi

Daniel Goodrich
I don't quite understand why they don't cake it into a360? Login with an email address, then you're good for 30 days. Create a USB key for folks who keep their machine offline similar to how ilok worked.
Comment from : Daniel Goodrich

It was Autodesk policy way back in the early days to make AutoCAD easily hackable. That way more people would become experienced in the software and it would then become the Industry Standard as thousands of young up and coming Draughtsmen were all proficient in the software. True fact!!

Obviously with Desktop Subscription this policy can't really continue hence the new Software check.

Comment from : Jockgit

How long do you think it will take for hackers to figure out how to bypass Autodesk's Genuine Autodesk Service thingy? Some fiddling around with the registry, throw in a cracked file, and poof, it no longer matters.
Comment from : Denimoth

I thougt you would say "or disable updadates " at 8.58 . :)
Comment from : Jacksat

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